Thursday, August 2, 2012

Apparently, I like mud.

Two summer mud runs.  One in June, one in July.  I thought about rounding it off with another in August, but I have a big one coming up in September - so we'll call it a taper.

Yes.  I "Stole" this photo.
I personally think that paying $34 dollars for a single
DOWNLOAD of a photo is stupid.
SO I stole it.  With the "proof" and screenshot view.

Splish splash... mud bath. 

Team Mud, Sweat, and Heels.  

Still makes me laugh.

Waiting our turn for "fishnets".  Hubband is a super good sherpa!  

The on course photographers were, well... Only one.  At this obstacle.
And, he only took pics as you were getting out.  Not of you sliding down.
BUT, at least these are free pictures.
Also, this water stunk.  A lot. Like poop.  So... yeah... 

And, the final group shot.
We iz sexy.
This year, I have a friend doing the Tough Mudder with me.  More mud to come!

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