Monday, December 3, 2012

It's not nap time yet...

But I'll blog anyway.

Now that I'm here, I'm not sure how to start...

I'll go with this:

1. Five weeks ago, I snapped my leg in half.
Last week, I started putting weight back onto it and today I drove the kids to school for the first time in over a month. OI!
But a good oi.  It's nice to be gaining a little control back over my own life.  It's very humbling to have to rely on so many for so much.
I cannot express how thankful I am, truly.  Hubband and I are blessed. 

So with what is the end of the worst of the leg saga, (I'm sure I'll complain once or twice about physio...), I'll leave you with my x-ray.

The only part that didn't break was the titanium reinforced ankle area...
Leg bones, broken. Foot bones, broken.
Ankle? Not broken. 
2. I am currently registered for a full course load at the local college.  I have been pretty stoked about the idea of returning to school.
Unfortunately, a snafu with the program I'm using to pay, it looks like I'll have to delay.  Again.
A very difficult concept.  To be so close, and yet so far - as they say.
So, I am sad. Very, very, sad.

3.  On a happy note - we brought home a new family member.  We call her Lola.

This is an extra small dog bed.
She is TINY. 

Weren't expecting porcine... were you? 
So far, she is fantastic.  She is already litter box trained, is unfazed by the noise my circus can create, and is not afraid of the vacuum.  Oh, and she's adorable.
Both of her parents are under 11 inches tall, weigh about 35 lbs and she will be about the same at the end of her growing period - in two/three years.  Not exactly huge.
It feels good to have a pet in the house.  I'll also not lie, and tell you that bringing home a little girl - even if it is a little girl pig - was FANTASTIC.

So thats our life the last five weeks.
It's amazing what can happen in that time period, isn't it?

2 reviews:

Karen said...

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. She has your nose. ;)

p.s. Sorry about the school delay. That seriously sucks.

Anonymous said...

How does the sweetie get along with your dog?