Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Too much time on my hands...

With entirely too much time on my hands last week, (Kenny is in school full day now - as he turned five last week),  plus receiving the depressing news of having to delay school - I decided to bring cheer to my house.

Christmas cheer, that is.

So, thanks to Ikea and some free printables, I decorated two walls for about $50.

Here are the final results:

Not Ikea... or a free printable.
But the boys have been begging for a nutcracker
And this guy got me in the right frame of mind.
Uhm... yes.  That is B's inhaler. What? Don't you decorate for Christmas with albuterol?  
The boys named this guy "Mr. Sweet". 

The boys and I made snowflakes...
Not all of them turned out well. 

I redeemed myself, I think. 

Free "Let it snow" printables, in three different styles.
(Yes, I could have made all of those myself.  Interwebbing it was easier.)
Ikea silver frames.
Foil snowflake wrapping paper to cover the mats.
Cut out snowflakes.
Unamused husband.
It's not super flashy, I know, but it fills the giant blue wall, and I
love that it is more winter-y rather than Christmassy,
that way if I get lazy I can leave it up and not freak people out... too much. 

Crappy pictures, I know.
This is at the top of our first stairwell.
Four more Ikea frames
Four more free printables.
What you can't see is that the colors all coordinate.
The other 8x10 is Linus' speech from "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown". 

I've done more, but these were things I did while vegetating on the couch. They may not be the coolest thing ever, but, I'm proud of them.  I'm not so great at the decorating side of life - so this is a pretty big deal.

**Side note**
In an answer to a much asked question, there is no problem with our dog and our pig - because we no longer have our dog.

We haven't spoken of it much, because we were very sad.  Back in August, she woke from a bad dream and charged Holdeezy.  She grabbed his face (There were also teeth marks under his chin.). We got very lucky that she didn't grab his eye and that essentially all that happened was that he got scratched.  Since the attack was unprovoked by Holden, and we are not sure what triggered it - she went back to the rescue society to be rehomed to a family with no kids.

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Anonymous said...

If you have so much time on your hands...how about updating this blog???

Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy McD,

Just wondering why you put titles down as...."too much time on your hands", when it's obvious you are super busy? Anyways, hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.