Friday, January 15, 2010

ADHD much?

According to my mother, I've never been able to sit still. She timed me sometimes, and my record was something ridiculous like 23 seconds. Yup, I made moms life an adventure. I say adventure like that, because anyone with a kid like me knows... they just know.
To this day, with a few exceptions, I have a hard time just sitting there doing nothing. To me, watching TV is doing nothing. So while I watch TV I have to be doing something; reading a book, playing with my phone, crotcheting, something.

Yesterday during naptime, I made a friend:

Hello friend.

2 reviews:

Michael said...

Is that playdoh? I can make snakes and snails. That's it.

Mommy McD said...

Lol, no. It's modeling clay. I get pissed off at playdough because it dries out and flakes off.
I'll bet those snakes and snails are awesome.