Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not CNN...

I have a hard time watching the news. I find it makes me grumpy, and sad and weepy and a whole bunch of things I just don't like to be.

It makes me feel like Atlas. Except, I know I just don't have the muscle mass to carry it all.

So I've skipped lunch, Starbucks and superfluous shoes. We've donated. We will again. I donate blood as often as possible, and have succeeded in getting mark to do the same. I've gone through my shoes and closet, and will be dropping off what feels like a great many things.

Haiti needs it.

So, the real point of this post is actually to promote a blog of someone I'm loosely connected to (I went to school with his wife), who happens to be down working the disaster relief. If you want a first person insight into what it's like, check him out here. I can't watch CNN, even with the yummy Anderson Cooper.

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Holdings said...

I tried to donate blood once and they won't let me. They say couple of the early times I was in Germany I could have been exposed to mad cow. Wunderbar!