Sunday, January 17, 2010


... To leave for mass, and attempting to appease the masses.

So here's a few blogbites from my world:

I've recently started finger sculpting again. Braxton apparently thinks it's a bloody good hobby as well. The kid has some wicked good talent. This guy's name is "Dimbo". Don't ask me, ask the troll. Meet Christopher Eccleston. Well, kinda. I think it looks sorta like him... though it wasn't intentional. I guess I need to make a David Tennant, and whoever the new guy is too, now...

This is how much I feel loved. Only this time I caught it on camera. I'm blessed, what else can I say?

I've been on a BBC binge. Torchwood, Dr. Who, Top Gear. They're all amazing, and kept me totally occupied during the hours that Mark was gone. Because I dont' sleep in my bed when he's not there. It's weird.

Christmas ended Jan. 10 - and I still haven't taken the deco's down. I keep saying it's going to happen this weekend while Mark has four days off, but in all likeliness - I'm going to do it myself on Tuesday...

The house was kept pretty clean, and took very little effort to keep it that way, while Mark was gone. As soon as he landed - disaster zone again. I don't get it, but at least I have figured out the factor... the Mark factor.

I plan on wearing jeans to church today. This is a big deal for me, even though the 5:30pm mass on Sunday's is pretty casual.

I've now made $40 dollars selling old books on And feel damn proud of myself for it. (Seriously, housewivery doesn't pay jack. )

Yesterday I ran a 75 minute 8 mile. It kinda sucked. For a couple of reasons: 1. I don't like to run alone. 2. I stepped in a pile of poo during the first mile, and since it was kinda cool out yesterday I was sniffing - in poo particles for the next seven. 3. We don't live in Nebraska. Where it's flat. My neighborhood is definitely. Not. Flat.

It's now time for me to log off, and decide which shoes to wear with my jeans to church. Tough decision...

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