Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm Bleeding.

Black and Orange, that is.
Jeesh, don't freak out - this isn't some nasty birth story, or real time blogging birth event.  

Remember how I said some of what was on my mind was football?

This week is Civil War.
Can't you just hear the jaws theme song?

The seventh oldest rivalry between universities in the United States.
Made more intense by the very short 30 miles in between the two.
Also, when you name your rivalry game something like "Civil War" - you're going to get impassioned.  It feels a lot more intense than the "Apple Cup".

Seriously, who wants to say they won the "Apple Cup"?

Anyway...  Today is the big day.

University of Oregon vs. Oregon State University.

Alright.  I'm not going to get into which university is better.  Obviously, mine is.

I love my OSU for all the reasons I do. (Plus, my first kid was born there.)
I hate UO for all the reasons I do.  (Plus it smells bad.)

I have stated, and will state again - I do not care where my children attend college - as long as it's not University of Oregon.
My kids scream "boo ducks" anytime they see a duck.
Stuffed ducks.
Ducks in a pond.
Pillow pet ducks.
All booed.
We have rubber hippos. 
I love the rivalry between the two universities.  Well...  I like to rival with TRUE rivals.  As in those who have a legit tie to the school.  (Because those who don't love their alma mater are lame.)
This lady does not.
And now, because she's a "bandwagoneer", I no longer
want to marry her.
Or see her movies.  Ever.
She will be a fan while they are on top.
As soon as they are not - That hat will be replaced with something
else.  Something much more couture, I'm sure.
Apparently, there is a reason Jake left her.
He doesn't like bandwagon fans, either.

I will always be a Beaver Believer.
Even when we lose to WSU.  Which, my reaction to, is much like this: 

They don't have to be on top for me to support them.  They just have to be.

With that, I say:

Go Beavers!!!!!!!

And leave you with this youtube video.

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Mrs. Wookie said...

Wook looooved that they have rubber hippoes in the bath! You have so much to teach us Fields sisters when we reproduce in avoiding all things yellow, green, and quacky!

Comment moderation word: hawedi

I pronounce it "Hawe-di" hottie!

McDorky said...

I agree. All these people with absolutely NO ties to the Ducks jumping on the bandwagon is pissing me off. It would still weird me out if it were the opposite way with the Beavs. Jason's family (none of which have gone to school) are jumping on the Duck bandwagon even though the only one who has gone to college (JASON) went to OSU. So annoying.

I feel the same way - Noah can go ANYWHERE he wants, just not U of O.