Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things I Like

I started this post yesterday, as a way to get myself out of my funk.

There are many things going on in my brain right now, and pretty much all of them have to do with having a baby.  Some of it has to do with football, as it is Civil War week... 

However, I didn't post yesterday.  Because my thoughts still felt dark, dreary, angry and slightly snarky.  My true intention was to express some joy over things in my life I like.
Last night I slept, Kenny slept (for the first night in a week), Mark slept - it was a night of sleeping.  Something my family hasn't seen in quite some time.  Talk about one hell of a mood lifter.

Today, I finally packed my "Go bag".  (Procrastinate much?) 
I've done three loads of laundry so far - with one more to go.
I've cleaned the floors.
I've done the dishes.
I will be baking bread in about an hour.
I got B-rox to and from school.

I am a rockstar today.
I also have this weird niggly feeling that is telling me to get off my giant bahookus and get ready to go - because as planned out as I have it, it's not going to work that way.  
So getting off my bahookus, I am. 

Anyway, to the meat of the post.  Things I Like.
Pretend it's like Oprah.  Except I'm not giving anything away.  Because, I'm not rich. 

1. My friends.
I just want to thank each and everyone of you who has said "Oh, your family isn't coming out to be with the boys?  Well, let me step in however I can.  I have beds, I will race up there as soon as you call, Don't call me crazy - I can handle watching them."
I am blessed to know you.

2. Modern Medicine.
I like that when B-rox had sepsis, he was able to be quickly diagnosed, treated and is still with me.
I like that Tuesday, when Kenny was diagnosed with pneumonia, there were antibiotics, inhalers and cough medicine - to make him better.
I like that (And yes, you'll call me weird for this one) medical tools and gadgets have been improved so much in the last decade.  I like the no needle hep locks for IV's.  I like that it keeps the nurses and patients safer.  Told you you'd call me weird...

3. Granola, Raspberries, and Yogurt.
This  particular combo is fabulous. Try it.  Use greek yogurt and Bear Naked's "Pure Protien" mix, and it's an honest to God meal.  When there isn't a problem with fruit fly outbreaks on east coast bananas - I like to add those as well.

4. Pedicures.
How can you not?
If anybody knows where I can find OPI's line from the movie "Burlesque" - specifically "Ali's Big Break" (Bright sparkly red) please let me know.  I MUST have this polish.

5. B-rox's Teacher.
She's a wonderful lady.  She's made school this awesome, huge and big bright thing for him.  Which is exactly what it's supposed to be - and why we originally enrolled him at this school.
She understands him and is a perfect fit for the person he is.  Thank you, Mrs. P.

6.  Running.
For my birthday, bestest sent me a pair of running gloves.  I CANNOT WAIT TO START USING THEM!
As sad as it is, there is something seriously lacking from my life without a morning run.  It's like that itch on your back you can't reach.  Except, without running, your arms just get bigger and it gets harder and harder to get to it.  It's awful.

7. My husband.
I do.  He's pretty awesome.
This past couple of weeks he's been completely supportive of the blahs that come at the end of pregnancy and of me dealing with them in anyway I can conceive.    Conceiving... I'm pretty good at that. 
He hasn't even complained that he's had to cook - because I've been too damn tired.
He is wonderful.  As he should be - I am about to give him his third male progeny.  

8.  Netflix.
Streaming, video... whatever.  Love it.
Though, I don't love that TV series' will be going to two episodes per disc.  It is taking FO-EV-UH for us to make it through Dr. Who.  

9. Socks.
I can't wear them right now, but I still love them.  I'm looking forward to releasing the inner child and getting back to my love affair with them.

10. Shoes.
I can't wear those either.  There are 50+ pairs in my closet just crying, crying to be worn.  And I can't.  Because my feet don't even fit in slippers.
But, I still love them...

I'm going to stop there, before my head explodes with little daisies and blue birds and I start farting rainbows.
I'm much happier today, and I wanted to share a little of the happy with the masses.  All 17 of you.
Plus all those who have me in Google reader.
And then anybody else.  I like you too.  So here's some happiness.

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