Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just Dropping By...

To keep the blog alive.

These past two weeks have been... insane.  In the membrane.  I put almost a million miles on my car in 2.5 days.
I'll have a lot of time at home in the coming week and hopefully I can spend some of it on the computer.
Filling you in on the insanity.

B-rox is headed in for surgery on Tuesday.  Prayers, fingers crossed, nekkid dances around a candle - whatever floats your boat... we'd just appreciate a little of it dedicated to the kiddo.


3 reviews:

PADA said...

He will be in my prayers, you can count on it. He will do great!

Mommy McD said...

Thanks Marj. It means a lot.

Anonymous said...

You'll all be in my prayers (and my friends too). We'll specially pray for a super quick recovery so he'll be back in action sooner than you'd believe :)

Afterall he's got two brothers to teach all sorts of new tricks too =))