Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Samples Brunch".

Happy Mothers day.
To my mom for whom I owe my life.  My MIL - for without her, I wouldn't have my husband.  My red-gramma, gramma Jane, and Gramma Dean and all the other mothers on my list.  I wouldn't be the mom I am today, without you.

This is the perfect picture.
It just is. 
Today I was allowed to sleep in.
I was presented with cards.  With which I was given this explanation:
B: Mom, I made you this card.  I drew a picture of you in a pretty dress.  But I don't know why - you don't even have a work to hang it up at!
Someday he'll understand he is work - right?

Then I was taken to Brunch.  At Costco.  A "samples brunch".

And to finish off the day - I am not cooking dinner.

Happy Mother's Day!

2 reviews:

Rochelle said...

Costco Brunch....jealous. Love love love the picture!!! :)

PADA said...

This is the cutest picture. You have very handsome boys! And you look great!