Sunday, May 1, 2011

Call me Ma, and then we'll ford the river.

In, the ever escalating nonsense that is my children's un-wellness,  B-rox spent the day in the hospital.

For Scarlet Fever.

Because, he apparently owns a time-machine, and went back to the Oregon Trail days.

Seriously.  Scarlet Fever.  Time to ford, float or ferry the river.
I always chose to ford it. Duh.  I'm an Oregonian... 

I didn't even know it existed anymore!

I have since learned, that as long as the Strep bacteria exists - so will scarlet fever.
Essentially, scarlet fever is an "allergic reaction" some people have to the toxin that the strep bacteria poops out.   

His face, back, chest and upper arms are covered in millions of teeny-weeny little pin-prick type dots.  It's hot. 

You can kind of see his "scarlet" face. 

"Making a brave face" after the IV.
During the iv placement this could be heard:
"Please don't do this to me, I just want to go home, please don't do this!!!"
Yes, at the top of his lungs.
Yes, I'm glad I was sitting behind him - because I definitely dropped a few tears. 

The "O" of go HOOOOOOME! 
Exact words:
"Mom, this thing is really lame.  I don't even understand why they think it's ok to do this."

I'm seriously considering moving to Montana, and building my own fortress.  Where we don't have to come in contact with any germs.  Because I'm tired, and emotionally at the end of my rope.  It is hard to see my babies sick. all. the. time.  
I want to punch this winter in the face.  

Stay tuned for the next episode of "What 1800's illness can we catch next?".  

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Trish A said...

Hi Sarah,

I hope you & your family will feel better very soon. There's is some bad news though; Thyroid disorder runs in Mark's side family. I wish I had a clue when they kept diagnosing me with strep- sorry but 5 cases in a year is not normal. That's when our (Mark & mine) grandma mentioned that her mother had Scarlet fever and then Thyroid problems. I pray to our sweet Lord that Braxton will be fine, and that this is just a head's up.

Please feel better & have a wonderfully healthy summer. You'll all be in my prayers.

Please take care,

Mommy McD said...

Yup, thyroid disorder runs through Mark's side. However, Braxton has had his thyroid tested extensively at the National Institue of Health by their pediatric endocrinologist.
Big tonsils run in my family and after our consult with the ENT they are most definitely the reason he's been so sick. This is the first time his strep test has actually been positive. The other times he had tonisl/throat issues were just big tonsil complications of normal everyday viruses. The ENT, the pediatrician and the ER doc from this weekend are all in complete agreement that his health issues will be much improved, if not solved with the removal of his tonsils.
Thanks for the prayers and concern, though. We're definitely looking forward to getting this guy better.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...