Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun On Friday.

I just made my children watch waaaaay too many hours of the Royal Wedding.

There were definitely a few moments where my childhood wishes of becoming a princess bubbled right up to the surface again.
Kate Katherine, Princess William, was absolutely gorgeous.  Her dress was beautiful and she seemed adequately nervous.  Seriously, she just became the future Queen of England.   There was one point where I saw her mouth to Prince William "are you happy?".  He nodded, and asked the same of her.  She just beamed.

I hope it lasts...

Anyway - this is what B-rox took from it:
B: Mom, I'm going to marry a princess someday and make you a queen.
Me:  That's sweet, but it doesn't really work that way.
B: If I marry a pretty princess - I'll be a prince.  Then I can just tell them you are.

He doesn't need to marry a princess to make me feel like a queen.  Things like that let me know he already thinks I am.  

Aaaand, now for some visual stimulation.  Here's his parkour video.

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