Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4 Months!

What better inspiration to get his four month pictures done, than the arrival of diapers?  (Diapers that were ordered SIX weeks ago!)

You're going to have to pay me for this. 

Hellz Yeah I accept payment via boob! 

Watch me get my flirt on, Lady. 

Mmmm... Boooooob....

... Oh, look.  My toes!

Who needs a hookah, when you can contemplatively blow bubbles? 

The end.
Get it? 

This is how I know my kids will someday need therapy.
 I mean, look at that crazy woman. 
 At his appointment today we learned he hasn't been sleeping because he has another set of ear infections.
We also learned he's 14lbs 7oz.  I don't know how many inches.  Tall, I know that.
He laughs.  He log rolls.  He makes me glad I had him.