Saturday, April 23, 2011

I No Longer Need a Break.

I need a crevasse.

One that even Bear Grylls couldn't rescue me from.  I want to sleep in that crevasse as long as it takes for global warming to melt me out of it.
A really, really, long time.

I've never actually been in a crevasse.  But, I'll bet they're quiet.  And dark.  And very sleep - inducing.

This past week has been fun. 
Every single member of my family (except me) has had a medical or dental appointment at least once this week.

Monday went like this:
Wake up at five am
Get B-rox ready for school
Take B-rox to school
Come home
Drink coffee
Pick B-rox up from school early
Slog through DC traffic to pick up Hubband from work
Slog back through traffic to make medical appointments for B-rox and Hubband
Deal with medical appointments
Film B-rox doing his beginning parkour moves
This picture will have to do for the time being.
Google is awesome challenged at the moment, and won't let me upload the video. 
Slam hand in car door
Learn car door will close and fully latch with hand in it
The morning after.
Yes.  Still sore. 
Cry a little
Slog through traffic home
Make dinner
Have a cocktail

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday all seemed to be much of the same.  You can do some substitutions for "slam hand", like "argue with Butt Wad Dentist man".  (Who, at Kenny's appointment apologized.  Kenny had a stellar report card, no cavities, and very healthy gums.  Go. Freaking. Figure.) 

Oh, and did I mention that my angel baby decided that this is the week he doesn't want to be an angel baby?  He, for the last seven nights, has woken up every. single. hour.
When I ask Hubband to help out, he's more than willing.  Holdeezy has a few things to say about that though. Like "wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" or "Shrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeik" or "dangnabbitquitholdingmeyoustinkyman!".
As soon as he's back with me he's quiet and happy.  Just not asleep.


If you are a friend or family member, and are feeling neglected or forgotten by me - I apologize.  I don't think I've forgotten you.
But since I forgot when my birthday was, the other day, it's possible...  

Please don't write me off yet.  My planner for the coming week is MUCH less crowded.  I'll remember you all, then.
Thank you baby Jesus.  

Oh, and have a Happy Easter everybody.  I know I plan to.

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Seattle Warming said...

You poor thing, I hope your hand is a lot better. Doctors are just a pain no matter how old you get, in fact perhaps they get worse.

That's when you get to ask the doctors to run tests that they prescribe you medicine for, and should be tested once every 6 months (only to get the dang doctor to agree to it once a year ~ only to find out that thing is out of whack)

Hope you get some sleep, relaxation, and a day at the spa soon (Mother's Day is less than two weeks away)

Hope you had a great Easter too