Monday, April 11, 2011

Into Thin Air.

A harrowing account by Jon Krakauer of the 1997 dramz on Everest


What it would be like if you entered my brain.

There isn't much there, yet, I'm going to fill the blogosphere with it anyway.

*I registered for two races this past week.

My first triathalon, which is 1/5 the distance of an Iron Man. {July 10th} (And hopefully a good way to break into the world of Tri-ing)
{If anybody has any tips, hints, advice on this whole tri process, please let me know!} 

And the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon.  {October 2}
Race ends here.
I'm not sure how I feel about it.
I know it's called "The awakening"
But - it kind of looks like "The Deadening".
Not good at the end of a race. 

It feels good to have goals to work towards again, I don't feel like I'm just floundering around in the world of chauffering and diapers.
However, my workout this morning - 2 mile run and 30 minutes on the bike reminded me how far out of shape I currently am...
And how much I hate 5am. 

*Natalie Portman quit veganism.
Because the baby told her to.  Proving, that pregnancy cravings are no joke.
Basically, I told you this because sometimes I would tell hubband that "The baby wants a burger" and he just rolled his eyes as he grabbed his keys.  

*The government didn't shut down.   Thank you Baby Jesus. 
Do I really need to say more on that?

*You need to watch this video.  It will make you smile.  If it doesn't, you should call 911.  Because you're probably dead.

*I'm off to go wake up my older trolls and make them play outside.  Prove to the neighbors we're not vampires, and all that... 

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Rochelle said...

Very exciting! (the races, not the thin air part :)

McDorky said...

I have some tips for you on Tri transitions. I'll try to remember them all and email or message you!

Mske sure you have Gatorade for the running. That will be the only thing that will make your muscles not crap out.