Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This Post is Dedicated to Groupon.

Nationals Stadium isn't exactly Yankee stadium - and even without groupon, tickets are still in a normal person price range.
However, we're not so highbrow that we won't knock old people down jump on the deal $25 seats for $9 a pop.

This is where we could have been found on Sunday:

Transportation walk in front of the DOT.
Kidlet's first game.
Go figure - the Nats won.
Not once, but twice that day.
A modern day miracle!

When they built the new stadium, they made sure to incorporate local cuisine.
Ben's Chili Bowl
Dulce's Gelatto.
Boys had Gelatto, Hubband and I had some chili-cheese-fries.
(They were shooting t-shirts out of the launchers, which is why everyone is standing and cheering, but neither boy could be bothered to look up from their dessert.)

Thanks Groupon.  You really made our day!

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Karen said...

Oh my, how fun! And your hair is awesome.