Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dessert Soup with Jalepenos.

Wowza.  What a title, right?

B-rox is finally recovering - and has been at school for the last three days!  It looks like he'll be in school every day this week.  Which, for the last couple of months is rare.  RARE!

However, Kenny and Holdeezy both ended up catching his plague.
"Ray Ray".
No, my kids do not get attached to your average teddy bear, dog, type stuffie. 
After a weekend with rising temperatures (in their bodies, not in the weather) and sleepless nights - both K and H went in to the doctor.
Kenny has pneumonia and "Low electrolytes" I'll leave why to your imagination... 
Holdeezy has double ear infections and bronchiolitis.

It's been pretty insane.
This should give you a pretty good idea of how miserable the boys have been.

However, now all the fevers are broken and a healthy life is on the horizon.

Go Cubs!
(Yes, that is a Cubbies onesie - Worn on opening day of MLB.)
And life with smiles like this.
(Though, preferably not smiles from laughing at mom while she sings in the shower to "Fat Bottomed Girls".)

Because of circumstances, the boys haven't showering or bathing together.  So, B-rox got to take a bath in my tub, all by himself.
Kitchen utensils, giant emesis basin, and "fizzy color tablets" made for one of the most entertaining bath's I've been in charge of... pretty much ever.  It's also how you end up with "dessert soup, with jalepenos".

"This is my hat.  Because chefs wear hats." 

"Hmm... needs more jalepenos." 
Well, this is me signing off.  Because we have soccer practice tonight - and I need to figure out what to wear make for dinner.

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Mrs. Wookie said...

Poor H sounds like when I'm hungover. And that's how I, too, end up with low electrolytes.

But I'm pretty sure your boys aren't boozing it up yet.

I can't wait to see action shots of B playing soccer. Kinda wish I was there to go to a Saturday game. :(