Friday, November 4, 2011

Bucking the trend. Except for today.

November 15th is a big day for Hubband and I.  We'll be celebrating 8 years of togetherness.

I'm not usually on the gravy train of "30 days of Thankfulness" because I'm truly working on being thankful for what I have ALL YEAR LONG.  Not just in one month because of a day allocated for too much eating happens to reside in said month.

However, this is my facebook status today.

isn't going to do the whole "30 days of thankfulness". However, today she is thankful. For her husband. Who, despite thinking cleaning the bathroom equates to swishing out the toilet bowl and who ISN'T her dream partner for the Amazing Race, is a great husband and an even better dad. The last (11 days shy of) 8 years have flown by, mostly because he's smart and charming and funny. And doesn't beat me when I buy too many shoes.

This guy.
Who, last night, woke up and walked downstairs with me to keep me company while I ordered a dress
that absolutely HAD to happen last night.
Because he knows a) I'm scared of being alone in the dark [light switch what?] 
and b) because he knows my insomnia would act up even more if I waited until morning to order said dress.
This guy.
Who, this past weekend, despite freezing temperatures - took his children and I on a Halloween fun run.
And wore a silly hat.
This guy.
Who despite cold, heat, and monstrous hills - has cheered me on and supported me with my running habit.
Because he knows it makes me happy, and no other reason.
[well, maybe he likes the benefits of my hot bod - but that reasoning takes away from the mushiness of the post.] 
This guy.
8 Years.
Here's to 57 more.
Because I am thankful.
And lucky.
Also, since I'll be on vacation and hopefully pretty absent from facespace/the blogosphere, Happy anniversary to two other favorite people.  Big one and Bob.  Had November 15th not happened, I'd be short a bestest.  November 15th is a big deal in my book.  It literally changed my life.  

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