Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More pictures in two days than have been taken in TWO YEARS. *Side eye to little sister*

One of my favorite parts of vacation this time, was the fact that I got to see my little sister, little brother and finally meet my nephews.

I met J.Michael in utero - but he's now over two.   Baby Ezra is just a few weeks old now, but I'm ever so glad to have spent a couple of days with them.
My heart hurts sometimes at the fact that the cousins aren't growing up together, down the street from their grandparents.

Mush. Over.

Now, on to pictures.  I took MANY because little sister apparently has a titanium memory and doesn't need a camera to remember all those precious moments.
If only we could get an eye-fi card in her brain so she can just upload them to us.  

Guilt trip over.
Also, the pictures were all taken with a point and shoot.  I also wasn't like super into trying to make them awesome.  Deal with it. 

Sand castles on the beach.

"I belong on the beach, mom.  Because I'm a pirate surfer, and you have to have a beach
to be a pirate surfer." 

Baby Ezra

What?  Looking at the camera is hard to do! 

If you had known my sister when she was this age, you would understand why I laughed my pants off.
This is the exact face his mother made all. the. time! 

Leetle brother.  Who isn't little anymore. 

finger in the nose...

finger in mom's mouth!

Bear hug! 

Just like his big cousins... 

The only picture with ALL of us in it. Oi.
I failed, mom.  Sorry.

It was super good to see you, Burt.
I miss you tons.

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Hayley said...

Ohh how cute! It looks so fun/rowdy to have a house full of boys! Atleast you have your doggie-daughter now.