Thursday, November 24, 2011

I was going to make the pictures pretty, but let's face it. I have kids and consider making it to the shower every day an accomplishment, so I'm going to post as they are.

Yeah.  That title pretty much sums it up.

Now, onto vacation pics.  Because I know you want to see them.

Leavin' on a jet plane... 

View from our deck. the first evening in the condo.

Even Holdeezy dressed up for the occasion. 

Seeing them in tuxedos made me cry.  

Handsome, handsome and handsome.
Also, those badges?  They say "Official Ring Security".
Cutest. Thing. Ever. 

Baby, first on the floor.

McDaniel women.
We be awesome.
(Me, MIL, SIL, New SIL, Gramma Jane, CousinIL)

Kenny cuts a rug. 

B-rox doin' a little breaking. 

We. Are. Sexy.
Also, somehow, beaverlicous even at weddings. 

This kid and his condors.  Seriously. 

Safari park lion, thinking we look tasty. 

Safari park tram.  I swear, we were having fun

"Mom, take a picture of my teeth!"

"Mom, I get to ride a bird of prey.  The kids at school will think this is SO cool!"
Ok.  We'll end here.  This was many pictures.

2 reviews:

Karen said...

Great pictures. Your dress is awesomesauce and I love the family pictures at the zoo.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time:-D
The pictures were fantastic, thanks Sarah

Did you get your new bag?