Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Ok, so now for my race.

This is how full the metro was on the way to the race.
This is HALFWAY there.
It got fuller. 

Can you say Sardines?

Bib, hint of shamrock sock (with Orange, because green must be countered with awesome),
And a "swanky bright" shoe.

Yes, the crowd extends ALL the way up the escalator.
why do you think everybody is taking pictures?
No lie, this crowd was huge.  

Remember that friend I mentioned had just been diagnosed with breast cancer?
This is her sister.
They were supposed to run it together.
Friend, however, is undergoing Chemo.
So her sister ran solo, in honor of her.
And hung out with me at the start line.  Which, made it SO much more enjoyable.
Without her company, the butterflies in my stomach (which I get before every race)  would have been
rabid, and eaten me. Yum.

Also, in case you're wondering: YES.  I do enjoy the see through tech top with the orange bra look.
I'm running, at least I have a shirt on.  
I finished with a 2:15ish.  Still far, far away from that sub two, but it turns out that DC is all uphill.  You can't actually go downhill.  There isn't one.  Or, so the race people thought.  Because I'd get to the top of the hill and think, "alright, there will be a downhill around this corner" - and BLAM - Uphill again.  One of them actually made me curse.  Loudly.  That was at about mile 9.  I promptly lost all mojo and fell hardcore off my 2 hour/2:05 pace.  Owell, I know better now...

Another one in the books.  Woot.

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