Monday, March 19, 2012

ShamRock 'n' Roll.

This past weekend, the B-rox and I both had races.

Friday night was Braxton's moment of glory.

What race is complete without Port-a-johns? 

Posing: A-
Looking at the camera: F

Cued up at the start.  Feelin' Good! 

I cried. No lie.  

Finish line!  

Third Place.
The "Pacer" (Former Bachelor, Dr. Andy Baldwin, for those who watch) told the kids to "start slow".
Braxton, being the fairly obedient child that he is, listened.
"That guy told us to start slow.  So some kids passed me.  I passed most of them again,
but a few of them beat me.  I guess 3rd place isn't bad.  Next time I won't start slow. "

"I feel pretty great! That was fun.  Next year I'll be able to run the longer one.  I think I'll like longer races."

To say we are proud of this boy is an understatement.  
To be continued...

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