Wednesday, March 21, 2012

He Can Hear!

Two weeks ago, Holdeezy saw the ENT, to discuss getting tubes.  It was decided - fairly quickly - after a couple of hearing tests that came back flatlined.  Also, the whole 15 months and 7 ear infections thing didn't help matters much.

Surgery was scheduled for April 20th.

This past Tuesday, I got a call, declaring he'd been bumped up to that Friday.


A little scrambling around and we made it.

Little babies in hospital gowns *might* be one of the cutest -
and saddest -
Things ever. 

Playroom waiting area at the surgical center.

"Mom, Put me down!  I want to play!"

Recovering like a boss.

Annnnnd done.
DO NOT mess with his Super Gonzo.  
In true "I can hear" form.  He scared himself the first couple of times he screeched.  Unfortunately for me, he's recovered from that quickly.
His vocabulary is very quickly improving, and Mommy rests easy knowing that his "delay" was a very simple fix.

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TrishA said...

Hi Sarah,

Glad to hear that the little guy is doing much better. I can attest that having tubes in the ears do work wonders, and sometimes hearing can improve to 97% of normal hearing - even when I had it done and that was decades ago (like the 70s). I'm sure things have only improved since then =))

You'll be in my prayers and thoughts.