Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mr. Men and Little Misses

Braxton has a favorite book series that is divided into the sexes. Mr. Men and Little Misses. The series contains memorable characters such as: Mr. Strong, Mr. Rude, Mr.Bump, Mr. Cheerful, Little Miss Stubborn, Little Miss Brainy, Little Miss Splendid and many many others. Well, Braxton has also gotten to the age of play pretend. Earlier today Braxton decided to assign each of us a character from the series (which is also a tv show that the luvs...). So, for the last few hours Mom, Dad, Kieran and Braxton have ceased to exist. In their places are:
Mr. Rude. Who used to be known as Daddy. Braxton's justification for why daddy is Mr. Rude is because Mr. Rude is funny. (I'm pretty sure its the french accent).
Mr. Strong. Who used to be known as Braxton. Mr. Strong eats eggs. Braxton eats nothing. But, Braxton did the assigning, so who are we to argue?
The only Little Miss in my house. If I thought that Braxton understood the concept of stubborn I would understand his assignment of the character to me. As it stands neither of us understand it. But, Little Miss Stubborn I am.

And last, but not least. The person who used to be known as Kieran. Again, not sure as to the criterium of this assignment. But there it is. The least bouncy person is Mr. Bounce.

And there ya have it folks.

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