Thursday, October 9, 2008

My little yogis.

Part of my fitness "regime" is yoga in the evenings before I go to bed. Helps me stretch out after a run, and relaxes me so that it doesn't take me quite as long to sleep - being the insomniatic that I am.

Anyway, There have been a few times where I'll also do a little bit before a run if I'm feeling tight. The boys are obviously awake for this, and have apparently learned a few things.
This is downward facing dog. The only variation that he puts on it is that he waves his butt around in the air while he's doing it.
Another downward facing dog. The only reason I got this picture is because he couldn't see the camera. in his "warrior pose" and his "head stand" he decided to be a punk and move.

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Anonymous said...

I am incredibly impressed with this. I have recently been "doing" yoga everymorning, and the only thing that sucks more then the fact that it is at 0730, is my abilities.