Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ok, first off - Mark and I are not super poitical. Or at least we don't discuss our politics too much. We find it a waste of time. We have our views, and we vote - so we're not totally uninvolved. We do keep ourselves informed and whatnot - so its not voting just to vote - Don't worry.

Anyway, somehow Braxton has picked up a few things from this election season.

Let me set the scene:
We are at the dinner table - dinner consists of a pork roast, green beans and rice. None of which Braxton will eat. Mark and I are trying to convince him to eat - or at least try - his dinner when he tells us:

"John McCain was on Oprah and he said "My friends - No more pork." So I don't want any."

I'm fairly certain that McCain has NOT been on Oprah. I'm not certain at all on how he came up with any of that. Let alone all together.

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