Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patching!

Yesterday we went and visited Cox Farms Fall Festival with the Bender-Perkins bunch. Fun times are always had with them. The beginning of the hay ride... The longest hayride known to man! They had several interactive sequences... the countdown to the aliens landing was the first. Then they started dancing....Then we got stuck and they sent this guy to help. He used his lasso to get us out...PIGGIES!!!!! Oh, I love these noisy little animals. One of my two favorite animals in the whole wide world.
Now for the "slide-o-rama" sequence!
Love the hair...
Our good pals Brendan and Mike. This is the one where Brendan isn't grimacing too hard...
It took him a good forty seconds to scooch his way down this slide. Apparently without mom he lacks a little "go with the gusto".
Now for a few other notable notes from the morning.
Watching Farmer Jack show us how they milked in the "old days". No wonder life expectancy was so short back then.
cutie patootie Kenny. Making his half snorty face to let us know he's not really happy about not recieving any of the "free all you can drink cider".
Braxton attempting to pick up a pumpkin that weighed twice what he does. He ended up having to settle for letting it roll down the hill.
Trying to reach the pedals on the tractor... its gonna be a while kiddo.
and last but not least, the psychic rooster predicting the outcome of the presidential election: Bok Bok Bok Barack Obama!

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