Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not back, Fully anyway.

I just thought I would update everyone super quick-like.

My mom was here last week, and her visit couldn't have been better timed. I needed some serious mommy-hug-healing. It worked.
Thanks mom. Love you, and miss you.

After a year of asking I finally got a referral for Kieran to see an ENT back in May. At this point he's had 15 ear infections. I spent another 2 weeks on the phone trying to get him an appt. earlier than August.
At his appt. today the doctor called Kenny's PCM and (I guess) bitched him out. Apparently I was right and #8 at 18 months should have seen a referral.
He figured Kenny couldn't possibly have hearing loss due to his gargantuan vocabulary and great speech. After a typmanic screen they determined that his eardrums were flat. If they don't vibrate - you can't hear. Kieran is currently suffering from hearing loss.
His surgery is scheduled for Monday. Seriously, what was supposed to be a consult turned into a pre-admit appt. This doctor is an answered prayer. He's wasting no time fixing my baby.
His hearing loss should resolve with the implant of tubes.

I'm still trying to gather my strength and fully recover. It's been a fun couple of months...

I'll try to hop back in the saddle and get a post up a day. No promises though.

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McDorky said...

WTH?! Always error on the side of caution, especially if you are a pediatrician. Not okay.

Here's hoping that life gives you a bit of a sabbatical from all the chaos and stress soon!

Anonymous said...

Always trust a mother's insticts! Kieran will actually end up with excellent hearing, I did & that was with technology back from the 70's. I'm glad to see you're back (even if it's only a little), and will continue to pray for only the best to come your way ~ you deserve it!