Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vaginas = Pancakes

When Mark and I first had kids we decided that we would call genitalia by what it is. No need to be ashamed of what it is right? Plus, if you aren't educated on your bodies, you can't make healthy decisions for it.

So, when Braxton was one he started calling his penis a "beep". It stuck, and it's been a beep ever since.

Somewhere along the lines he figured out a pretty huge difference between himself and mommy. We told him God made us different, and he let the issue drop. Four year olds are awesome that way.

Well, today during a diaper change for Sir Kenny, he and B-rox started listing who had beeps and who had "girl beeps".

Which is a thread that just begged for Braxton to ask the question "what are girl beeps called?".
Me: "vaginas"
Braxton: "Ok, girl beeps are flat. Does that mean that vagina is spanish for pancake?"
Never again will IHOP hold quite the same appeal for me...

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Em said...

That is awesome!

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...

You will HAVE to retell this story to his first girlfriend.

It's like your duty as his mother to bring this sort of stuff up when he's all hormonal and trying to be suave.

Lindsay said...

Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. I'm all about telling them the correct terms, but then they start using them in public like it's perfectly acceptable to talk about a penis and a vagina. Unfortunately, at my parents dinner table, my brothers see how many times they can say the word vagina which just further encourages the girls to use the words freely.
I'll have to tell you the story sometime about what Mya said after Mike got out of the shower once. He doesn't like me to publicly share it, but you're family so I'll let you in. :)

Lindsay said...

I just showed this to Mike. I've already read it 5 times and I'm still laughing out loud. Crying actually. So so funny.