Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Adventure Ended? When?

I had a conversation with a lady the other day. It blew my mind - and went something like this:

Lady: You look too young to have two kids.

Me: I'm pretty young but, I like it this way. Obviously not too young to have kids - as I HAVE them.

Lady: That's sad. You still had so many years of adventures ahead of you. Don't you feel sad about all the things in life you're missing?

Me: Uhm, I don't really think I'm missing much. I had a ton of adventures before kids, and I'm still having plenty. I just have to pack diapers now.

Lady: You couldn't possibly know what an adventure is. You're too young.

Me: Well, they say ignorance is bliss...

Ok, first off - Hubband and I started having kids much sooner than we anticipated. But, no big deal. We're here and we wouldn't turn back the clock if we could.
This lady was 37. Her kid was 3. She is pregnant again.
I see nothing wrong with this, except she tells me she's tired and can't keep up with one and is worried about the chaos 2 will bring.
When I am 37 - B-rox will be 17, Kenny 15.
I feel tired a lot, but I know that I have more energy now and can bounce back more quickly than I will be able to at 37. Fact of life: getting old is hard on the body.
My early forties will see an empty nest, and more money to have more childless adventures with.

However, it did get me thinking. I had a lot of pre-baby good times. I've also had many post-baby good times.

So, I compiled a list. (Of a few things I consider "adventures")

Pre-baby Adventures:

*Spent a month backpacking. Seeing only the 6 people in my group for that entire month.
*Ate lobster for Thanksgiving dinner. On the beach. In Mexico.
*Rafted several rivers. (And not on commercial tours)
*Been rock climbing - on real rocks.
*Hiked the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion Canyon
*Spent a birthday in Las Vegas.
*Visited 29 of the 50 United States. And have the keychains to prove it.
*Summited four peaks.
*Vacationed on a houseboat.

Post-baby Adventures:

*Took my first trip to Orlando, Florida. To see Disney world. My first Disney park trip EVER.
*Saw Niagra falls and rode the Maid of the Mist.
*Ran my first half-marathon
*Learned to see everyday through new eyes. Christmas, Easter, and other holidays and events haven't seemed this bright since I was a kid.
*Moved three thousand miles away from my mommy.
*Taught my kids to puddle stomp. Don't think that's an adventure? Try ever going near a puddle again and staying dry.
*Bought a house, chose my own paint colors, decorated and made it a home.

Adventures yet to be completed: But still have time for because I'm *young*.

*See Ireland, Greece, New Zealand, Antarctica, Africa and Alaska. Just to name a few...
*Take the boys backpacking.
*Build a house with a tower, and at the top of the tower is a library. With a ladder like the one in "Beauty and the Beast".
*See the christening of a ship
*Take a bike trip through Napa Valley Vineyards. (Hint Mark: Ten year anniversary)
*Get my nursing degree.
*Do a medical mission somewhere. Anywhere will do - as long as I'm serving others.
*Compete in a triathalon
*Spend a week in New York City seeing Broadway, ballets and SHOPPING!

The thing is - I never felt like my life ended. It changed. Massively changed. But it's never felt over. I don't know how you can look at your kids and think "Well, gee Willis. I guess this is it".
I get less sleep, and spontaneity usually means springing for Red Robin instead of McDonalds, but that's part of the adventure right?

I love my kids and the best adventure of all is waking up to their adorable faces every morning. Whether I appreciate the time they choose to do so, or not.

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Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...

That woman sounds like a miserable wench, and your life, and you list of past and present adventures sounds marvelous!

Kay aka Croppermom said...

Your life has had wonderful adventures and so many to come. I have had many people make similar comments when they find out I have 2 children with special needs. They do not understand what a blessing they are and how the CHILDREN are teaching me everyday.

Sit back and enjoy every moment with the kids and let them lead the adventures, and watch them unfold through their eyes.