Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nerds among us!

Mark and I went out to dinner yesterday afternoon at an italian place in the Monroeville Mall. (trivia: the same mall that Dawn of the Dead was filmed.) The restaraunt is right across the little walkway thingy from Barnes and Noble bookstore. As we were leaving Braxton started having a tizzy fit (I'm trying to make it sound better than it was). We couldn't figure out what he wanted right away. When he started to calm down we realized he wanted to go "weed" which is read in BX speak. We decided there were worse things he could throw a fit about so we took him in the store. He wandered around reading any book that caught his eye for the better part of an hour. As he was doing this I realized that he's going to be a nerd just like his daddy. I thought I would document the progression of this. Mark was studying Neutronics. Braxton is about 5 weeks old.

Mark is doing a crossword puzzle. Braxton is 6mos old.
BX decided he needed to wear an old pair of Marks glasses in order to do his "reading".
Braxton's favorite reading place. He's gotten to the point that he knows all the stories so he doesn't let us read to him unless its a new book.
Can't leave Kieran out. I believe Mark is studying structural mechanics.
All three of my handsome little nerds. Its a beautiful life. Check back later for more nerd alerts!

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