Sunday, January 27, 2008

Road Warriors

What do the Dogfish Head Alehouse, endless hours of Backyardigans, 1 lease, and Five Guys all have in common? They were the main elements of our househunting trip to DC. We took along our portable DVD player to keep Braxton from going batty with all the driving we knew we'd be doing over the weekend. It kept Braxton sane but I swear - one more time hearing the line "Hi, I'm Pablo... and we're your backyard friends, the Backyardigans" and I might have had to jump out of the car! However with that minor exception the weekend was a major success. We put in an application on the first house we saw because it was perfect (except for lack of a nearby stroller striders program) and were accepted by that afternoon. It was great, we ate some great food that we had dearly missed (shout out to the Five Guys burger gurus!) and discovered a new place to eat when we get back. The Dogfish Head Alehouse. Sounds disgusting, doesn't it? However it is the perfect place to take kids to eat. Its such a loud atmosphere that all three of the boys (our good friends Mike and Amy's little boy Brendan made the third boy FYI) were yelling and nobody even gave us a second glance! It was super. In short, I don't reccomend househunting with the kids in tow, but if you absolutely must make sure there is some great food in store!

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Michael said...

Ditto on the review for Doghouse. Amy and I had a great time.