Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I think I'll keep them...

In Parent's Magazine this month the uber cool craft idea was to make mother's day flowers from old magazines. I thought it was pretty nifty so I figured the boys and I could make them for all the moms on our list. Well... I like them better in my house. So it's on to project numero two. Within this boquet there are many hunky faces such as Clive Owen and Marky Mark, Pottery Bark Kids rooms, the cover page for a drug smuggling ring article, and some random stuff from some of the other mag's we have subscriptions to. These three are some of the coolest. Skechers Advert. Marky Mark's face, and a random "Runner's World" advert. This flower turned out to be my favorite. It's a skechers spring shoe sale advertisement.

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Lindsay said...

WHAT???? THOSE ARE AWESOME. I'm so stealing that idea. My girls would have a blast making those for all the moms on our list too. So. . .what are the directions? And I need them spelled out cause I'm not very crafty. When you get a sec, e-mail me. :)
And the pics are looking fabulous! You're improving fast. Good for you.