Friday, April 17, 2009

Power Song

For running assistance I have the Nike + system. It's the little sensor that goes in your shoe, and the adaptor that plugs into your ipod. It's not necessary to the running process, but I enjoy knowing exactly how far I went and what my pace was while not having to strap something onto my ankle or wrist other than my ipod. There are all sorts of nifty little things it can do. I love it. However, yesterday I think it was trying to tell me something. There is a function, that while on your run, when you start flagging - you press the center button and it plays your "power song". (It will also play spoken words of encouragement, if you've recorded them). I have not programmed any song for this function - or spoken word. I hit the buttton by accident while trying to turn the volume down. A few seconds after I hit the button I hear a few fairly distinct guitar riffs... The song that played you ask? Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls". Let me tell you - that was one hell of a motivator...

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