Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I think Braxton is an incredibly smart child. Unfortunately for me this means he gets into TONS of trouble. Lately I'm not sure whether I want to string him up by his toes or laugh. Take last night for instance. We've been having this problem of him throwing stuff at Kenny's head. Well he repeated it last night, so off to time out he went (we have a three strikes you're out rule in this house). However, the timeout corner also happens to be the diaper corner. What did he do when he got to the corner? He threw everything out. Of course he was snickering the whole time. So I called him over so we could "talk". When I told him that he wasn't being nice he said "but mom, I didn't throw it at Kenny's head". Jeez. He had a point. What am I going to do????
Here is a picture that I took the other day that I think captures his mischieviousness quite well.

No, that wasn't our gate. In fact we don't even know the people who live there. Crazy kid.

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