Wednesday, May 7, 2008

NO WAY!!!!!

Alright all you faithful blog stalkers, here it is - a new post. I would apologize for not updating sooner, but I have a very good excuse. For those of you who don't know, I'm returning to school in the Fall. I have a couple of placement exams coming up, one of which has me a little stressed. For those who know me I'm sure you already know that the one that is the equivalent to a tick in my leg is the math exam. Its been three years since I completed calculus, (with less than an A unfortunately) and I'm a little worried that I'm going to completely flunk it and be placed in remedial math. This is probably not the case, but it is better to be safe than sorry so I have been studying in my spare time instead of staring at the computer and dorking around with photos. I know that this means I have neglected you, but when I haven't been studying I have been playing with my kids and hubband.

NEhoo, I did get some good pics of Mark chasing Braxton around the other day on one of our walks. Braxton's hat blew off and Mark was trying to put it back on and... well you'll see.
It was pretty funny to watch actually. Don't know what got into him, but he thought it would be pretty funny to give daddy the run-around.

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Meggie said...

Adam wanted to make sure that you knew that one of the mids on his ship is BOB's doppelganger. He says the first time he saw her, he got a little freaked out, and now he's standing watch with her tonight. Now I've told you, and it's weird but not terribly exciting, but at least he'll leave me alone about it.