Sunday, May 11, 2008

My fingers!!!!

Here are some interesting stories from my life with Braxton in the last week.

This morning at Panera, Braxton was wearing a jacket that goes past his fingertips just slightly. He's had this jacket for about a month now, and worn it a few times however, this morning he noticed that his fingers couldn't be seen. This is what he said, "OH NO, My fingers! What happened to them? Oh no, My fingers are gone. Daddy, where'd my fingers go? OH NO OH NO OH NO!!!!!!" Then Mark pulled on his sleeve so that his fingers could be seen, and Braxton said "oh, thanks dad". Like the freak out never happened.

Also at Panera this morning there was another small boy there with his parents. However this boy was very upset about something and was letting the whole establishment know. Braxton of course had to inform us that the little boy was crying. Mark asked him why he was crying and Braxton said "because he wants some coffee". Of course.

This kid is nuts.

But oh so handsome.

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Meggie said...

Boy do I wish you were awake right now. All Hell has just broken loose. You know why...