Sunday, May 25, 2008


Yesterday we took Gramma to the zoo. It was beautiful weather, and we had a great time. Here is the photo-story.
We honestly could not walk fast enough for Braxton when we first arrived. Look at the angle in which he is leaning.
The farm house opened at ten. This is two minutes to ten. These kids couldn't wait to get in. Then the awful zookeepers opened the doors, then shoved all the animals outside!!!! I couldn't believe it.
I love big cats. Not enough to want to get close... but you get the idea.
This is the infamous panda. The one that gave birth to a panda cub in captivity. Apparently that is super rare.
Braxton said these Lions were taking a nap. "Daddy said take a nap!!!!". He totally freaked when one of them got up. "He's supposed to be napping!" It was funny. Apparently Braxton knows what is supposed to happen at nap time. He just doesn't.
Did you have fun?????????????????

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