Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Like Father Like Son

Here is a picture that doesn't really need an explanation.
Try and tell me Kenny isn't Mark's son after seeing this. Can't do it can ya?

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Ashley said...

I don't know man...those ears...I think we should have Wook tested.

We can make it a Springer brawl, lol!!

Em said...

so is mark pouting or puckering? hahaha

Meggie said...

I dunno about this weekend...I couldn't get Kenzie into a kennel because he hasn't had the right shots or something. Anyhoo, get back to me, and adorable picture, of course.

Meggie said...

I would come, but I can't leave my doggie alone that long, and I certainly can't bring him up with me and inflict him on you guys. Of course I still love you. I'll make it up there soon, promise. And Lauren Conrad is some chick from that reality show The Hills.