Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yes, thats my son...

If you've ever spent five minutes with Braxton you would know that in those five minutes he can thoroughly exhaust you. Seriously. He is constantly on the go and into EVERYTHING. Taking him new places is an adventure that requires a good nights sleep, and then another good nights sleep to recover. It's not because he's a bad kid, he's just smart (too smart for his own good) and curious about everything around him. I love this about him. He loves to learn. I pray that he keeps this up throughout his entire life. However, his love of learning doesn't keep him still for very long. These are the pictures I took of our "walk" this afternoon. When I say walk I mean Mark and I walked behind Braxton while he did his own version of the funkadilly. Does this strike you as a calm, quiet child? There is a doggie behind the fence and while Braxton says he was dancing - I believe he secretly loved taunting it and making it bark. He was "skoppin" (skipping) "to my lou".

Don't let the halo effect in his hair fool you. When I see this look I put on my running shoes. This is the look that says "oooh, I see trouble and I'm gonna head straight for it!"

He's exhausting, but what would I do without him???? (the answer is not burn as many calories!)

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Meggie said...

Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Yay! And Braxton is too cute, by the way. I feel a little nauseous, even.