Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Toddler, a language few speak.

I thought I would give a little "Braxton" vocabulary lesson and give some updates on the boys.

What you need to know to speak Braxton:
Our outside deck = "The bench" (it actually sounds like something else when he says it...)
Any bed = "The nap"
Upstairs = "upstairs"
Downstairs = "upstairs" (this one is endlessly confusing...)
Playground = "the toys"
Any male between the ages of 45 and dead = "grampa" (which is interesting because neither mark or I's dad is called grampa... its Pa Hat and Poppy... go figure)
Any Female between the ages of 45 and dead = "gramma" Some ladies who aren't don't particularly care for this moniker. Go figure again...
In case you were wondering, Truck still comes out in a way that makes little old ladies glare and comment. As does gray.... especially when its a gray truck. OI.

Braxton is always surprising me. He does something everyday that makes me laugh. Lately its that he's figured out he's more apt to get what he wants if he tells me he "needs it". "Mom, I need some ice cream". Ha sure ya do magoo....

Yesterday my laugh episode came when he started imitating a blind person. I know this isn't PC but he's two... Anyway, he took one of our tension curtain rods and started using it like a cane with his eyes squinched shut. He was walking around our living room saying "help me I'm walking and I can't see" "I'm blind" "I'm crashing cuz I can't see". Where does he get this stuff????????

Kieran isn't speaking yet. Thank goodness. If his amount of baby babble is any indication my house is going to be more full of talk than talk radio. He has however gotten his first two teeth and his second two are days away from poking through. This doesn't make feeding him so happy, but I dealt with feeding Braxton for a whole whopping 11 months. (yes, he started teething at 3 mos) So, I figure I can do it for Kieran since he's about a month and a half behind his big brother - in teething. Growing standards however, is another story. Kieran weighs almost 17 lbs now, a mere 8 less than Braxton. That really fancy-schmancy car seat we bought figuring it would last the first year is about toast. Its about time to saddle up the barka-lounger.
He also sleeps almost through the night, which is so beautiful to me I feel like building a shrine to this kid. One wake up a night at five months. Its wonderful. God is taking mercy on me apparently.

Love these boys!

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