Saturday, April 5, 2008

Walk = A good way to exhaust a toddler.

Today after running a few errands we decided that Braxton needed to burn off some energy. So we went for a two hour walk around the neighborhood.Somewhere he got the idea that monsters live under manhole covers and down drainage systems. I can't be sure but I'm pretty sure this is the doing of his Uncle Sneaky. On this trip he was pretty brave and decided to tell the monsters to "go away". "They were being naughty. Silly monsters. " Nothing on our route was left unexplored. Every single one of these power/cable box deals were banged on by the B-rox. Mark didn't adjust the straps for Kieran so he slid down. This is how I found him when I peeked in on him a little ways into the walk. I'm not so sure he was very happy about it... At the very end Braxton gave up and decided that he needed some assistance in getting back home. Until we hit the playground...
This is one of the few shots of Braxton's face that I got during these two hours. I took a total of 90 pictures while we were out. I just couldn't keep up with him. He's a crazy little booger.
He sure looks excited about this doesn't he????
They were going "super fast down the slide" according to Braxton. They actually did move a little fast so the framing of the picture isn't great. You get the sentiment though. Braxton and daddy having a blast, and total excitement from Kenny yet again.
So being the mean mommy that I am, I told him it was time to go, then took a picture. I knew he'd have some pretty great expressions. However, this was the only one I got before he decided he had found a solution to the problem...
...He figured if he shut the gate we couldn't go anywhere. Smart thinkin.
We're at home. Now he shows some excitement. I have crazy kids.

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