Saturday, April 12, 2008

My addiction.

Alright, I'll admit it. I have an addiction. I blame it on my mother. My addiction is shoes. Little ones, big ones, red ones, blue ones, fat ones and skinny ones. I love them ALL. I get just as much of a thrill shoe shopping for my sons and husband as I do for myself. Yesterday we took Braxton to get new shoes for the summer. (He seems to outgrow them on a seasonal basis - which I like cuz then he's all set up fashion wise for the season to come). Well we also got Kieran a pair of shoes for the summer. Since I love shoes so much, and I think the shoes we got them were absolutely adorable, I had to take some pictures.
These are Braxton's new kicks for the summer. (don't worry he also has a pair of sandals, but those aren't "cute")
These are Kierans. Love that they're orange. Ok, and blue but thats not as cool as the orange on them.

And here's a shot of them together. Yes, Kieran's shoes are almost as big as Braxton's. Its scary, I know.

So, this was probably the least interesting post I've ever done. But seriously, I love shoes that much that I had to devote an entire post to them. Stay tuned, tomorrow will be a very cool post.

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