Sunday, April 13, 2008

Birthday Party

Yesterday we went to a friends 1st birthday party. Mike and Amy (the birthday boy's parents) intelligently held it at a park so all the kids could just run and play, not be bored or get into trouble. It was brilliant and we loved it. We had an absolute blast. I took about 650 pictures the few hours that we were there. (I know its a lot, but the kids were all so cute just playing, and you can get some great shots when they're not looking.)

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from the day.
It rained at the very beginning so we ducked under the covered picnic tables. Mike and Amy brought sidewalk chalk so Braxton drew "raindrops" while we were undercover. He's so good at it he doesn' t even have to look at what he's drawing! No, his hair isn't messy, its being blown about by the wind.
Just in case you can't read the bib, he's the birthday boy. His name is Brendan and he's an absolute doll!
This little boy's name is Eyal. He was absolutely adorable. The whole family was. I loved it - three whole families for me to take pictures of all day.
There are my other handsome boys! Of course they're making silly faces... Kieran's is the one we call "bitter beer face" Where he sucks his lower lip under, I know, its goofy.
This guy is Eyal's big brother. Adin. He was an absolute ham the whole time. He had the best facial expressions.
This is Eyal's big sister Noa. I love that name. She was super adorable and all girl. You can tell she's going to be a heartbreaker. Super big time.
This is what I mean by heart breaker. How could you resist this smile?
Aha, there are my boys. Mark was doing his "little boy wrangling". His face was in fine form for pictures yesterday as I'm sure you can tell.
Sitting on this cement ledge and drinking juice boxes was about the only time any of the kids sat still.
See what I mean?
I swear he looks guilty... He wasn't, but that was the face he was making.
Yes, Barkdust is that great. Entertainment for hours. Brendan loved it. He even showed his mom how much he loved it by shoving it down her shirt a little after this picture was taken.
From what I saw at the party, I'm pretty sure Brendan would live in a swing if he could. With the exception of the barkdust, it was the single best entertainment for him.
This was fun to watch. Mark was pushing this impressionistic piece of playground equipment around, which was no easy feat in itself - but was pushing it with three kids and an infant in his arms. So manly. Brook and I decided that this is a crossover between a sailboat, big rig and a space ship.
Captain of the big rig-spaceship-sailboat.
This was at the end of our adventure. When Mark and I saw Braxton just sitting there we decided it was probably best to head home.

Yep, he's a little tired. Love the red red lips though. That was thanks to the frosting on the birthday cake.

Okay, I know this was a really long post. But I took soooooooo many pictures that I had a really hard time narrowing it down.

P.s. This is a squirrel.

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Michael said...

Hey, Adin is Noa and Eyal's older brother. Just in case you wanted to change it on the page.

-- Michael Perkins
Brendan's Daddy.