Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My home, the nudist colony

Ok, so most mothers write, talk and brag about every developmental milestone their child reaches. Usually I'm on board with that. I mean, who doesn't want to talk about how special they think they're kids are? (some moms take that a little far, but I won't name names.) However, the latest of Braxton's milestones is making me feel more like pulling my hair out. (It also makes me laugh, but that doesn't make for as good of a story.)
So Braxton has figured out how to undress himself. This is good right? NO. He feels the need to be naked all the time. I mean ALL the time. Mark has come home every night to his son in only a diaper. He's lucky he even gets that. Because you see, I've tried redressing Braxton in his clothes, only to have uber rebel against me and take them back off, along with the diaper. When I ask him why he takes his clothes off he tells me "i'm itchy", or "i'm running" or "i need to be naked" the latter most is the one that worries me... Anyway, to save myself from the mess that could be had from him running diaperless I let him run around the house without clothes on. Every time we leave the house I'm half afraid he's going to strip in the middle of the grocery store or starbucks. Oi. That kid is crazy.

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Meggie said...

You know... being naked isn't all bad. After you're potty trained, of course. It's really how I prefer to pass my days.

Meggie said...

He says his picture is far less embarrassing than the one of Mark and the boys. I dunno.. something about pride, I guess.

Meggie said...

Ha! Nice one! Will do.