Thursday, April 3, 2008

Back in Bizness!

Ok folks, I'm geared up with a brand spankin' new computer and a screamin fast internet connection. The McDaniel Family Circus blog will now cease to be dormant!

In our house we have a bay window. Our house is situated facing East/West so we always have sunlight coming through one side of the other. We put our chaise lounger thing in the bay window so I could sit there and soak up the rays from the comfort of a UV protected window and read. Yeah, like I have time to sit and lounge and read. HAHA. Anyway, Braxton likes to pretend to "take naps" in it. Yesterday both the boys were sitting there and guess what I did. Of course - I took pictures.
I love the look on Kieran's face. It seems so... I dunno; old, wise, smart... something like that anyway. Braxton of course looks like he's plotting to take over the world, and couldn't be happier.

I have no idea what was so interesting over there... but something was. Looks to be pretty funny from B-rox's face.

That was that adventure. Stay tuned. I have two and a half weeks to catch up on.

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Ashley said...

just a random thought...i wonder how people feel when they make ugly babies. like the ones that fell from the upper 15% of the ugly tree.

you've made stinkers, so that leaves me to make the ugly ones. if that happens, can we make a trade so we're 50/50? haha...