Wednesday, April 23, 2008


In case you haven't noticed - there is a trend in my blog to post mainly about Braxton. I thought I would devote one entirely to Kieran to show everybody I don't favor one son over the other. One just happens to be a more blog worthy subject. Have no fear though, Kieran is quickly moving out of the "un-interesting to anybody but his parents" phase and will begin to have more and more blogs about him the more he learns to explore his world. GO BEAVERS!!!!!! Kieran has bucked the pasi (much to my chagrin) and is now a thumb-sucker. I see cayenne pepper in his future.
This is what I call contemplation. He was trying to decide wether or not he like the swing.
Apparently he did.
He fell asleep. Nice place for a nap I say.

And just to prove that we do indeed love him. I thought I would post this pic. (yes braxton is licking him, and no Kieran didn't care much for it.)

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