Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Braxton - The abominable soap man

Yes, our jacuzzi tub is an endless source of entertainment for Braxton, and by extension me because I love to take pictures of my kids having fun. I thought I would post a few pictures from the last few days. These are the moments that make me all warm and fuzzy like. Yes, he is licking the soap off of his chin. NO he didn't think it tasted good. Made a pretty good picture though. Braxton is practicing to be a good dad. This is my old cabbage patch doll Barkley. (pronounced barky). Braxton spent quite a bit of time swinging him in the swing singing "itsy bitsy spider" and "hush little baby" the two songs I've been singing to him since he was born. Braxton snagged this purse away from me about a year ago. ( I don't mind - teeny bags don't fit my lifestyle anymore) He has been using it ever since. He loads it up with an old checkbook cover, keys and one or two of his many cast-off phones. Of course I get funny looks from people when they realize he's a boy with a purse...
This morning I started my laundry routine, so I put Kieran in his walker to play while I headed downstairs. When I left he was playing. Three minutes later when I came upstairs he was dead to the world. Honestly when I first saw him I was afraid Braxton had knocked him over the head.
Apparently he needed to hydrate.

Sleeping so peacefully. He looks like he's praying. Mark's decided he's going to be an altar boy. This was taken down in the play room. Which is where all of Braxton's noisy toys go. How he sleeps through all of them going at once I'll never figure out.

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Meggie said...

It totally was. Sometimes you just need a p.s. moment.

Meggie said...

I'm sorry. I was just frustrated. I'm sure whatever you're dealing with is a million times worse than my vet telling my dog is aggressive. I hope you got everything worked out!