Saturday, July 5, 2008

BJ and Amanda

My big brother came up for the Fourth of July yesterday, and while he and his fiancee were here I did some pictures of them together. Some of them turned out adorable (not hard with these two). And then I messed around in photoshop and made some of them not adorable, but cool none the less. This one is my favorite picture from photoshop. It is an actual picture, but the wonderfullness that is photoshop can make it look drawn. awww.
I made Barrett a tree hugger. Only for a minute, but I do have picture proof! I am upset with myself because I managed to cut their hands out of the picture. ERGH.
I call this one "love in a ditch". Because believe it or not those rocks in the background are a part of a drainage ditch.
Yup, they're laughing at me being stupid. Most people do.
This is "love in a ditch dos". The hat covers his face, unfortunately. However, he had a pretty bad case of hat hair, and the hat seemed to be the lesser of the two evils.

Bj, apparently, doesn't like to smile for pictures. I either had to threaten him, or be stupid. The latter is easier than the former.

Good luck to a long and happy life together you two!

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