Friday, July 25, 2008

Burke Lake Park

Today when I did my morning check of my email there was an invite to accompany some of the other moms and their kids to a park that has a mini-train and a carousel. Along with an ice cream parlor, and some pretty wicked play structures. We haven't had naps (bed time will hopefully be early tonight...) but we did have a blast!

Braxton was intent on "watching the road" not looking at the camera. Owell.
Oh yes. He's a mess. In case your wondering he loved it. He's also still wearing that outfit. I have enough laundry to do.
Braxton's motto is "waste not, want more". He spilled some of his ice cream and then made sure he picked up every m&m and clump of ice cream. He even asked if he could lick it. That is where I drew the line.

He had about 8 helpers to get off of the slide. Even though he could have done it himself. He went along with it though. Such a good kid.

We'll get pics of the train next time we go visit!

2 reviews:

Ashley said...

That looks like an Old Navy top.

Meggie said...

Awww....I went running all the time when I was in high school. Such memories...